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Do You Know Your Dog?

Posted by: | March 15, 2020 | 1 Comment |

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Hugo and I have a formed a close bond. The kind of bond that doesn’t even require words. He looks at me and we instantly know what the other is thinking and feeling. Part of that bond comes from just being around each other, but it goes deeper if you know your dog. So what do I mean by knowing your dog(or any dog)? Here are few examples:

  • “Don’t worry, he’s wagging his tail, that means he’s happy” – Nope! Dogs wag their tails when they are excited and when they are nervous. Hugo even wags his tail when he’s scared. So, be careful before you assume you are welcome to come closer.
  • “Wow, your dog is really quiet and calm. He must be relaxed!” – Nope! What do his ear’s look like? Are they up and forward or back and down or just normal? Is he keeping his eyes on you all the time or is he dozing off? Hugo can read your body language from across the room – Can you read his?
  • “Your dog is panting, he must be thirsty.” – Nope! Dogs do pant when they are thirsty, but did you know they also pant when they are in pain? A Tripawd owner needs to know this one. Our three-legged friends are special and with that often comes pain that you need to know how to recognize.
  • “My dog is a great watchdog because he barks to protect me.” – Nope! That bark isn’t always a bad thing, but many times a dog is barking because he thinks you aren’t protecting him. His defenses are up because he senses that his pack leader – you – are not taking the lead and protecting the pack. His bark might be telling you he needs you to take control. Hugo always tells me when I’m being a wimp and not taking the lead.
  • “He only has three legs, he doesn’t like walks.” – Big Nope! You can take the dog out of the walk, but you can’t take the walk out of the dog. Dogs live to walk. By that, I mean they instinctively need to explore and wander. When I first got Hugo, he could only walk a short distance before he would give out and have to lay down to rest. His first owner (I use the term very loosely in that guy’s case) mistreated him and tied him up in the backyard for the first two years of his life. Hugo was a mess physically and mentally, because he never got to fulfill is purpose in life – to walk. With the help of his walking cart, Hugo now gets to wander every day and you can see the positive difference in every aspect of his life. I dare you take your dog for a walk every day for a week and prove me wrong!

You might think you know your dog and you might be right, but there is one thing that Hugo has taught me over and over again – there is always another lesson to be learned. I love my three-legged friend and I pray that he and I will continue to grow closer as we walk through life.


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1 Comment

  1. By: jerry on March 15, 2020 at 6:08 pm      Reply

    Ooooooh Hugo, I didn’t realize you had such a hard start in life. You won the doggy lotto when you found your pawesome humans!

    You guys DO have a bond! The way you read one another’s behavior speaks volumes about how you care for each other’s needs.

    Thank you for sharing this great insight about Hugo’s behavior (and all dogs, really) with the community!

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