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Hugo’s First Ride

Posted by: | April 7, 2018 | 2 Comments |

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Hugo’s cart arrived! We’ve named it his “Trike” – get it? Anyway, he loves it. No really, he acts like he’s had it forever! I’ve noticed that about Hugo – he takes what life gives him and rolls with it. Like I said in his last post, Hugo is a trooper, but just doesn’t have the physical stamina to walk further than around the block. On his maiden voyage, he “walked” further than he ever has – a full two miles.

I researched dog carts (way longer than I should have as usual) and finally settled on the Aosom Elite II model. After discounts it cost a little over $100 and I ordered it directly from the manufacturer. It arrived on time, although the box was pretty beaten up. The cart was, for the most part, undamaged and one crossbar wouldn’t fit which is a known issue, but it wasn’t critical, so I put it together and away we went. It pushes very easily, even with Hugo on-board. Since it has three wheels with one up front, it tips back if you don’t hold it up when he enters and exits – common sense right? There were quite a few reviews that complained about that, but it’s no big deal as long as you don’t forget to brace it for a few seconds. Bottom line – it’s great and does just what Hugo needed.

Check out this video taken just after our first walk. What a smart dog!

Hugo and I plan on putting a lot of miles on his Trike so check back soon for our next adventure.

Loving my dog,


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Hugo’s New Ride

Posted by: | March 30, 2018 | 1 Comment |

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It’s been two years and Hugo has come a long way – literally. When he first arrived at our house, he was malnourished and really out of shape. A walk to the end of the street required him to lay down and rest several times and more than once I had  to carry him home. He now keeps up with our pack all the way around the block, which is quite a feat considering walking for Hugo is essentially a series of one-armed push-ups.

Now it’s time to go to the next level (for Hugo and for me). Until now our walk has been limited to the block that leaves and arrives at our house. In order to expand to the other side of the neighborhood and extend to a 2 mile walk, Hugo will need a little help. That’s where the jogging cart (pictured above) comes in. The plan is for Hugo to walk his usual distance to keep up his stamina and then jump in and ride. Ebony, our miniature schnauzer, has walked the 2 mile walk many, many times, but she is 8 years old and starting to get arthritis, so she can ride too. Hoss, our Akita mix, will easily be able make the 2 mile walk, so no need for him to ride.

The cart will also open up more possibilities for Hugo to join us on trips away from home. Hikes, site seeing, fairs, and craft shows will become possible for our three-legged pack member. Another fun aspect is that the cart is also a bike trailer. Hugo now gets to be my biking partner, so his world will really expand.

Stay tuned for Hugo’s first ride. The cart shipped today and should arrive about the middle of next week.

I’m so excited!


Pack Leader


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Hugo – Tripawd Navigator

Posted by: | May 23, 2017 | No Comment |

My pack and I just got back from a long weekend in North Carolina and I have to say that Hugo is one of the best travelling dogs I’ve ever had. He loves to ride in the front seat and is completely calm. We’ve been working hard on our pack dynamics and even though his energy tells him to go, go, go, he is very well disciplined and eager to please. Of course, he really likes it when we stop for potty breaks and he gets to explore a new world of smells at each rest area. I enjoy how every moment is a new adventure for Hugo and how much he soaks it all in. It’s like every experience is brand new and exciting. I guess that’s another lesson that Hugo was meant to teach me – treasure and appreciate every moment of life.

We leave for another trip out of town this weekend and you know, I am really looking forward to having my tripawd navigator by my side.

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On The Road

Posted by: | May 21, 2017 | No Comment |

I took the pack on their first road trip together. We found a great place for Hugo and his “brother from a different mother” to stay in Mooresville, NC. He loved it! This is a video of the outdoor dog play area. Hugo took right to it and showed those 4 legged fellas what Tripaws are all about!

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A Brand New Dog!

Posted by: | May 16, 2017 | 1 Comment |

Hugo had his surgery. The vet said he’s never taken so many parts off a dog before. He got a full leg amputation, a docked tail (because it was broken), he was neutered and his dew claws were removed. A big thanks goes out to CARS (Coastal Animal Rescue Society) for help with the rescue and for  paying for the surgery. Hugo is an awesome dog. I have never met an animal more willing to please someone. On the energy scale he is very high, but he is so trainable and tries so hard to be good. It’s a lot like a “hyperactive” child in that you just need to know what he needs and that is a lot of attention and exercise. He’s not a laid back easy dog and needs constant discipline (the good kind). I guess that’s why he ended up in our home. Hugo has a purpose and a life now and we love him so much. Here is a short video I made for his Mom while she was out of town. You can see that he gets around fine and understands English very well. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!

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